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by Dr. Waldemar C. Sailer

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Selected texts of the Researcher

A continuous process of research and study has provided the opportunity for many to share in the various aspects of the subject of the Buddha footprints. Some texts have been prepared to support lectures and exhibitions, whilst others have been prepared as birthday gifts for senior and venerable personages and contributions to journals.

In addition to these, several major texts have been published, or are about to be published by publishing houses in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Union of Myanmar.

The world of the Buddha footprint


The Buddha Footprint of Wat Phra That Khong Mu, Mae Hong Son, Kyu-sei
, Bangkok, Thailand, Year 10, issue 103: 64 to 70, one full-page colour plate and two line drawings.

Dr. Chirapat Prapandvidya, Silapakorn (Fine Arts) University, Bangkok, Thailand, translated the article, written in English, into Thai for publication. The English edition was not published and is currently being revised. This Buddha footprint was most likely created in Mandalay and given by a Shan to the Shan monastery, now a part of Thailand. This was the first article to bring the Pali term or phrase together with a few illustrations and suggested translations.


The Royal Gift of a Buddha Footprint in Ancient Ceylon in Journal of the Archaeological Survey Department of Sri Lanka, Towards the Second Century of Archaeology in Sri Lanka, July 7 to 13, 1990, Colombo, Sri Lanka: 187 to 214.  English.

This was the first international article to associate the Pali term or phrase with illustrations and suggested translations for the footprint, for each of the 108 auspicious illustrations.


An Ayutthaya Period Buddha Footprint (unpublished).

A lecture and exhibition catalogue with extensive captioning held at The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage and at Kodak (Thailand) Limited, Bangkok, Thailand, December 4 to 19, 1990. English. Now being revised.


History of Footprints of the Buddha, Asia and Ayutthaya Province (unpublished and mainly in English).

Exhibition catalogue with extensive captions, in celebration of The National Celebration in Honour of the 60th Birthday Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand, Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. The exhibition was sponsored by the Fine Arts Department, Ayutthaya, Thailand, from August 19 to 30, 1992, and remained open for six months. Mainly in English. This was the world's first exhibition on the theme of the Buddha Footprints.


Reflection on Buddha Footprints in Journal of The Office of The Supreme Patriarch, Year 1, October to December 1992, ISSN 0858-5709, Bangkok, Thailand: 66 to 72 (English); 73 to 82 (Thai).

A short, general history of Buddha Footprints in three parts; a short, general discussion on the 108 auspicious illustrations; and discussion on the Pali term appatima.


Chronology of Buddha Footprints in Buddha Pada Lakkhana and Buddha Footprints in Thailand, The Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Education, The Rainy Season Exhibition catalogue or The Vassa Exhibition of 1993 catalogue, Bangkok, Thailand: 27 to 35 (English); 36 to 43 (Thai).


The Buddha Footprint Tradition
, Centenary Celebrations, Gandhara Gallery, Lahore Museum, Pakistan, 1894 to 1994, Vol. VII, January to December: 1 & 2: 65 to 68.  English.


The Buddha Pada Lakkhana Mandala in a ‘Central-shrine Temple’, of the ‘Somin-gyi Pagoda Site’, Bagan (Pagan), Union of Myanmar (Burma) in Proceedings of the International Seminar on Brahamanism and Buddhism in Thailand, August 19 to 21, 1994, Bangkok, Thailand: 63 to 88. English.1996.


Nandiyavatta - vamsa, notes to a lecture in celebration of The Fiftieth Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) Celebration of His Majesty King Bhumipol Avdulyadej of Thailand’s Accession of the Throne, The International Association of Historians of Asia, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, May 20 to 24, 1996. English.


The Kailat Inscription in the Grand Palace or The Vat Traban Jan Phoak Inscription (unpublished).

A private reading of the inscription for the Lord Chamberlain in the Grand Palace.  Written in English and translated into Thai by Dr. Chirapat Prapandvidya.  This inscription is dated circa A.D. 1380.


Top of all Worlds. Notes to a lecture at Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Yangon. Includes descriptions on known publications relating to the Buddha footprints.


Lecture at: Conference on Glazed Ceramics of Southeast Asia (Their history, technology and traditions), 20 to 22 September, 1999, Bagan, Myanmar, Khattiya Institute of Technical Services, Universities Historical Research Centre, Department of Archaeology, Myat-Mikhin Foundation in English


The Alabaster Buddha Footprint in the Indian Museum, Calcutta in The Indian Museum Bulletin, Indian Museum, Calcutta, India.


A Reading of the 108 Auspicious Illustrations on the Myanmar Footprint. Asiatic Society, Calcutta, India.


A Gandharan Footprint in The Lahore Museum Bulletin, Second issue: Centenary Issue - Lahore Museum Centenary Celebrations, Lahore, Pakistan, 2000. English.  

Books in progress:

The Pakhan-gyi Buddha Footprint for publication in five languages.

The Lokananda Buddha Footprint, Bagan, Myanmar, Archaeological Department, for publication in several languages.

A Reading of the Sa-gaing Buddha Footprint, National Museum, Yangon, Myanmar, for publication in several languages.

Kon-baung Buddha Footprints.

A Reading of the 108 Auspicious Illustrations on the Myanmar Buddha Footprint, an expanded text version.

Lan Na Buddhist Art.

Buddha Pada Vandana.

, a study of a Sinhala script Pali poem of medieval times, in conjunction with Dr. Asha Das and Dr. Lily de Silva.

A Reading of the Payao Buddha Footprint.  

Articles in progress:

An Introduction to Buddha Footprints in Myanmar, U Win Maung and Dr. Waldemar C. Sailer.

Buddha Footprints in the Mandalay Area, Venerable U Sadhina, Dr. Tin Maung Kyi and Dr. Waldemar C. Sailer.

Six Buddha Footprints of Early Bagan Compared with the 108 Auspicious Illustrations recorded in the Jinalankar-tika.

The Mangala in a Five-sided Temple in Bagan.

The Identification of the 108 Mangala of the Ananda Pagoda Buddha Footprint, Bagan, Myanmar.

A Swat Buddha Footprint in The Lahore Museum Journal, Lahore, Pakistan.

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